Johns Hopkins Visiting Professor


Ronald S. Weinstein, MD, Unveils Flexner 3.0 Medical Science Curriculum in Historic Hurd Hall at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine on April 4

Dr. Ronald S. Weinstein, professor of pathology and medical imaging at the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Tucson, and a Massachusetts General Hospital-trained pathologist, delivered the Fred and Janet Sanfilippo Distinguished Visiting Professor Lecture at Johns Hopkins Unviversity School of Medicine on April 4, 2016, in the historic Hurd Hall in Baltimore, Md. “Flexner 3.0,” Dr. Weinstein’s latest invention, recalibrates health science education for the United States by repositioning “introduction to medical science coursework” from medical schools into K-12 schools. His Flexner 3.0 program also calls for reducing high school education by two years, and college and medical schools’ by one year each. By relocating medical science into middle schools and high schools, physician indebtedness could be eliminated, potentially redirecting some medical students into primary care car