Arizona Telemedicine Program Equipment Grant Program


Arizona Telemedicine Program


Telemedicine Equipment Grant Program (Innovation Awards)

In order to support the dissemination of mobile telehealth (mHealth), the Arizona Telemedicine Program has established an Equipment Grant Program that supports the acquisition of telemedicine/telehealth enabling-equipment, such as tablets, smart phones, google glasses, etc. UAHN doctors, nurses, pharmacists, socioloigsts, and case managers, are encouraged to apply.  AHSC students are eligible as well. A PDF application form is availabile at the hyperlink listed below.

Project proposals are reviewed throughout the year, although early application is strongly encouraged.  Proposals will be competitively reviewed.  Only fully completed forms will be considered for support.  The majority of these small grants are $2,500 or less.

The 1st two ATP Innovation Awards are to:

1)  Daniela Lax, M.D. (Pediatrics) and collaborators for a project entitled: "The Use of Tablets in Tele-Echocardiology" (2 - iPad Air tablets)

2)  Bellal A. Joseph, M.D., FACS (Surgery) for a project entitled: "Assessing the use of Google Glass Technology in Trauma Care" (1 - Google glasses)

We congratulate Dr. Lax and Dr. Jospeh for their outstanding projects.

To Apply for an ATP Equipment Grant:

Applicants should be sent via e-mail to: or campus mail to Kris Erps, Grant Program Manger, PO Box 245105, or call 520-626-2493 for more information


Application instructions and form: